25+ Things to Do In Your Home/Backyard

Hi! Fellow introvert here who usually likes spending most of my free time indoors anyways. I've tried to make a fun and a little quirky list of things to do if you're stuck at home! •finish that book •online stream of course •yoga/meditation

•make s'mores while backyard camping •bake or cook something new •clean out old clothes •marie-kondo-style organize your place •paint your nails creatively •splatter paint on a canvas •have a tea party •DIY those things you saved on pinterest •make a mixtape for someone •catch up with old friends on facetime

•print old photographs •learn a new dance •learn a new language •karaoke

•blast your fave music and sing it loud •update your blog •get creative w/making content indoors •hula hoop, jump rope, play ball! •take a free online course •start a journal •send out a handwritten letter Hope I gave those stuck at home some ideas! Sending all the love💗


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