Becca Cosmetics Launch Party

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

I went to the Becca Cosmetics Event in DTLA last week for the launch of their light reflecting concealer! Not gonna lie, I have been using the concealer every day since and love the almost highlighting effect it has under my eyes. Becca Cosmetics is my favorite brand for skin products, so I was extremely excited to have gotten the opportunity. The space was decorated beautifully, focusing on the clean white walls with nice pops of holographic and purple neon everywhere. It was kind of an iridescent wonderland fully equipped with vanities and ring lights galore!

My favorite part of the event were everyone's outfits! The dress code was "wear what makes

you glow" which left it open to interpretation completely. This meant people came in red carpet ready to street style and everyone's outfits were so on point. I spotted 2 celebrities that I am a big fan of, but had to play it cool of course- Rowan Blanchard and Barbie Ferreira. I love both of their styles and Barbie was the new face of the Becca line which is really cool as an up and coming starlet from Euphoria.

My outfit was an orange velvet jumpsuit I got a while ago from Urban Outfitters. I don't usually fit well in jumpsuits and I am not a fan of orange so I was surprised at how much I fell in love with it so I bought it with no occasion in mind. I had always wanted to wear it with contrasting purple hair. And I think it was made for this event.

I had also never seen LA from such heights! We were at the penthouse of a skyscraper downtown on the 30th floor. I was in awe of how pretty all the light polluted city looked. Out here we don't get to see stars in the sky, but the city lights became their own kind of stars.


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