dressed up to work from home

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Made 1000x better due to my animal friends. I never realized how much my outfit, hair, and laptop coordinated with my household. But I guess I put it all together myself, so it makes sense. I hope nobody is dressing up in things that aren't cozy and are only doing their makeup for fun and not because they feel they have to. I mean this outfit is minimal effort. I'm wearing a t-shirt dress, high knee socks, a beanie, and slippers for extra cozy vibes. I make sure to get my bit of sun in the day and work in my backyard for a bit, but for the most part I stay indoors.

Real talk though. This is the hardest I've ever been working and it's from home. Working from home is usually a favorite for most people. Working at any time of day in your pj's. Watching TV while you work. Grabbing snacks from the fridge all day. I am an ADHD procrastinator so working from home has never been a strong suit of mine. But this time is not the typical work from home on your own sorta thing.

I am extremely thankful to still have a job. I don't know many people who are working from home because of school being cancelled or their job is not one that can be done work remotely. So many companies have been stopped from even being open. I only know that my mom is also struggling with more work than ever herself. It is a busy season for the company I work, so its been all hands on deck for our presentations and all sorts of projects. The stress is caused by our boss, who knows all of us are home 100% of the day. I can't even imagine the stress of trying to run an international company on different hours and schedules remotely. But this means I get meetings at 8pm and barely even a lunch break because so many calls are going on at the same time. Nobody is setting time apart for breaks or lunches and it is overwhelming.

Work at the office was so chill-maybe too chill. We would take our time arriving to work. Walk to get morning coffee. Take lunch for over an hour. Take an afternoon break to get coffee. And any other sort of break or getting air you would need was available. But now we are all scrambling. And it has left me exhausted. I am jealous of the people who get their time to relax and work on improving their homes, finishing projects, playing with their family. My work is from 10-7pm every day and I'm exhausted afterwards so I have no energy to spend on quality quarantine time. Again, I am super grateful to have a job at the moment. It is just a small lifestyle change for me and it is nothing compared to what most people are going through but I just want to know how is it going for everyone else out there working from home?


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