Earth Day Means Good News

Happy belated earth day!🌎 This year is especially important because we have gotten to see how mother earth has been healing while us humans are kept away. I think we all miss and appreciate our planet more than ever, so I'm happy to share some good news that this quarantine has allowed for. Here are just some facts on how earth has improved since the quarantine:

•air pollution has decreased and air quality has been better than ever🌬

•waterways are clearer🏞

•animal sightings are increasing 🐻

•more wildflowers!🏵

It is so important to dwell on these beautiful facts so we can focus on the good news these days! 🌞

Side note-These earrings are actually DIY! Remember those paper stars you made growing up? At least I made a ton. I glued them onto a old earring backer and VOILA! Super cute earrings to match my hair clips!


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