Feeling Myself

No, I would never say that I am "feeling myself". I am not the kind of person who would use that phrase, mostly because I don't notice often when I think I look good. In this case, I mean it as "I am feeling myself again."

For the longest while, I wasn't completely into what I was posting. I kept posting and deleting. Using old posts and improving them because I didn't feel up to making new content. Then being unsatisfied with those. I realized that's not who I am and that I had been lost for the past few months. I've also been gone for a bit because I was getting frustrated. My engagement was lower than ever. I lost a lot of followers. I couldn't even do some campaigns or little ad-based content to bring in a little extra money. And I lost the drive to post.

But today, I realized I feel myself again. Maybe this post will do well, maybe it won't, but I like it. I def won't be deleting it! I was really excited to start editing these photos, which were actually taken a few months ago. I've been inspired by some filters makeup artists I follow on Instagram was using. I like creating unique posts and always improving, changing, and updating to keep things fresh and to keep me growing in my editing skill set. There are even more creative little tidbits I want to add to this picture before I post. I'm just excited that I'm excited.

This is what it was all about after all. Sharing my love of fashion with the world. Fashion makes me happy. I swallow hours of fashion content daily. When it stopped making me happy, I also got scared. I have been doing this in some way or another since 2011. I NEVER thought the day would come where it would never be fun anymore. But it is not that it wasn't fun anymore, it is that quarantine has taken a toll on me mentally. Luckily, all I needed was to build myself up. And now fashion Instagram is back baby.


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