Heavenly Bodies

Tis' the season for my favorite fashion event of the year-the Met Gala! Side note--I'm doing a really poor job of keeping up with the blog, but looking at my work schedule, Wednesdays seem to be a day I can be posting while at work.

This year's theme was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination". At first, I was a bit scared that the Catholic community would lash out and that the outfits would be sacrilegious. But then I realized that I think most of the Met Gala events have at least slightly controversial themes and the more controversial the better! Ultimately, I think this year probably had the most amazing haute couture outfits I have ever seen. Rihanna was even co-host and she's such a fashion idol. I think I like her outfit but the papal hat was not my favorite. Imagine her in a gorgeous halo! She'd be more of a queen than she already is.

While I was disappointed in two things- the Kardashians didn't really follow the theme but whatevs. Although, I was proud of Kim for going back to her natural style. I have this theory that she is Kanye's muse and he picks all her outfits and that is why he married her. I mean where did her grey hair, neutral colored ripped atheleisure attire go? But biggest disappointment... NO BEYONCE !? But she is practically a goddess already and her outfit at the Grammys last year basically fits the bill for this year's theme. So I'm just going to pretend that it was what she would have worn this year.

Lastly, I'm going to discuss my favorite looks.

Favorite: Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Her skin has the perfect porcelain glow to it. She didn't overdo the look. Her halo is beautifully minimalistic. I mean angel on earth am I right?

Favorite Makeup: Lily Collins and Kate Bosworth

Lily Collins looked like the perfect dark Renaissance painting Virgin Mary. I want to draw this look so bad. She went for it and I love it. I think Kate Bosworth gave me Julie Andrews Sound of Music Wedding vibes and I thought she looked so pretty. I mean she's dripping in pearls and has the coolest two different color eyes. A lot of people looked like brides but Kate Bosworth won.

Honorable mentions to Sza, J Lo, and Blake Lively. They were pretty much perfect but nothing crazy, and when its the Met Gala I love to see all out crazy. Except Rosie was perfect without going full out.

Also, highly suggest watching the mini Vogue Instagram videos that showcase some of the best dressed of the night. So dramatic and so fab.


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