Ideal Quarantine

How is everyone feeling? I haven't been in the headspace lately, but it's going away. I think everyone has gotten to that point at least once. I actually took these pictures before quarantine because I'm not dressing up these days. It's kind of funny actually because I believe these were taken in the morning, which means I was probably late to work. Anything for the photo right?

I think I tried to look like one of those perfect French girls reading in a cafe, sipping a tiny coffee, and sometimes just glancing out the windows to observe the beauty of the city. Of course I added my rough edgy twist by having my beret be pierced and wearing platform chunky boots.

Now that I see these photos, they look like an ideal stay-at-home situation. Let me paint the picture for you. Get up with the sun just kissing your cheekbones. Sit outside and sip some tea in between pages of poetry, mindlessly stirring in one hand while holding a book uncomfortably open with the other. Get dressed up all nice, like you are going to a cafe in Paris, but for absolutely no reason at all. Just soak in the morning chill. Absorb the light scent of the greenery. Relish in all of the different birds chirping. Mother nature is offering you all her glory and earthly delights. It is all a matter of accepting, smiling, and appreciating them.

*Side Note--This book is particularly lovely poetry book called "The Sun and Her Flowers" by Rupi Kaur. I have a reading disability so I barely read for fun because I struggle with it. That's why I like poetry- I don't have to read it all to understand it. A poem is barely a page long. This one will flood you with emotions, but it feels relatable. I recommend skipping to the happy part in these times.


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