Moon Tattoo

This weekend I had a lovely time at Echo Park Rising with a good friend. It is like the best invention ever because its a 4 day event every year in the summer, with non-stop music playing at venues in Echo Park, and lots of discounts at their small businesses to bring more revenue into the city. I love supporting it and of course free live music? It is like the perfect set up for me. Last year I went, I got a small leaf tattoo on the back of my calf. It is the only tattoo I have that is meaningless, but it looks pretty nice. I live life with no regrets:) It was only $25 because it was a flash tattoo. This year they had $30 flash tattoos. And they had a moon, which I had been interested in for a while this year. Luna (moon in spanish) is part of a nickname I've had as a kid, so I've always thought it was a cute idea for a small tattoo. So why not? I was contemplating getting it on my ankle, but had been thinking about my wrist for the longest time. My artist convinced me to get it where I wanted, and I have a lot of tattoos around the ankle region so I went for the wrist and I love it! Thanks El Clasico Tattoos! Highly recommend it as a photo location as well.


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