Morning Glory Cafe

A must if you're in San Diego and you like interior design, brunch, even pamphlet design, you must stop by Morning Glory Cafe. Every inch of the place is 100% Instagram-able so make sure to dress the part! I wore a thrifted vintage black and silver lace blouse and black hat from Urban Outfitters which completely contrasted the vibe of the place haha. Not my intention.

If you're into interior design like me, this place is a contemporary Art Deco treasure! From rose quartz table tops to bathrooms enveloped in stunning mirrored walls as well as elegant gold details, it's a glorious feast for the eyes. It is also a delicious feast. I fell in love with the menu in its design and its fun food names, my favorite being 'Millennial Tears' which of course is a special version of an avocado toast. I split a lemon flavored French toast and had a cup of pink hot chocolate.

Even the bathroom is divine. It is mirrored from ceiling to floor, which is way more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Actually take a second to imagine this. Imagine being shrunken down to fit inside of a crystal chandelier. Then add stunning gold details like a vintage swan sink. I was just so taken away that I needed to post about it. I have several fun photos below if you are interested in previewing the brunch spot, but trust me, you would be better off just seeing it for yourself!


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