Basically I spent the day trying not to feel like a poser by wearing a Nirvana shirt and not being an informed enough fan. But now I know at least 10 songs so I think I should be worthy enough. I wore this outfit to a mini music festival and thought that I should wear these Hot Topic (embarrassing I know) sequined shorts to blind everyone on the extremely sunny weather we have been having lately. So if you are going to any music festivals this summer, I have a great outfit formula you can follow:

any band tee + a standout article of clothing + boots + sunnies + the smallest bag possible you have that can carry the essentials (water bottle, cell phone, credit cards, keys)

There ya go! I'll be going to this same festival again and hopefully going to get a $10 tattoo there this time, so I'll make sure to share another music festival outfit within the next week :)


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