Poppy Fields Forever

Updated: May 9, 2019

I really really want to try hard to keep my blog up. Today is perfect because work is slow, and I remembered to post because soon enough it will be the met gala and I cannot wait! These photos are several weeks old but I had to post on my hike through the Antelope Valley Poppy Fields. I dressed up all nice to trek through dusty, pollen-laced air but it was all worth it! I also enjoyed seeing long lines of really chic people who obviously came for a photoshoot. Mine was a mini photo shoot where I just came wearing my nice clothes and would ask people for quick shots. I only got a few photos because I felt awkward asking for them, but at least I managed to get one I liked! It was amazing to see so many poppies in this year's super bloom in California. It was a poppy dream come true.


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