Throwback to Moving Forward

I'm a little proud of how many puns I put into this title but I'm honestly so sorry. Ugh I really tried to prevent this from happening, but life has been moving quickly lately, as in I actually moved but that's no excuse. I'm really going to try uber hard to keep up with this blog! So in order to make that happen, I'm going to be uploading never before seen photos (so exclusive, but really its because I'm having a hard time cleaning up my new place for photos) that I've freshly edited. They may be even from 4 years ago, but with my up-to-date knowledge of the graphic design world. I started photographing my outfits since 2009 and posting them on Chictopia so I have years of content, but usable/non-embarrassing content I would say goes back about 4 years ago haha.

So without further adieu, I bring you back to 2014. When the makeup was pretty much just eyeliner and foundation or nothing at all. When my hair was all natural and I had very few piercings. I used to take all of my photos in my backyard, just trying different angles and moving things around. They made for pretty pictures, but moving around has made me think a lot more creatively about how to take my photos. There are pros and cons to both!

In this photo, I remember this was the one of the only times I used this top because I have this thing where I get bothered by wearing camis underneath tops just because I get lazy. But I loved the detail- it was almost lace-like-and still do. It even had a bit of a bell sleeve! I might still have it somewhere but I'm 90% sure I gave it away. Actually, I probably wouldn't wear it now either so it's ok. Just some quick notes to myself. Anyways, I love how the foggy day just adds to the photo with the budding jasmine flowers. Jasmine is one of my favorite scents. Also, this was one of my first thrifted projects where I turned pants into shorts. I was very proud because the light denim went really well with the light top. Did you notice the clear choker? I wore that thing almost everyday. I did feel like it was an abstract version of what that penguin from Happy Feet had with a soda can thing wrapped around his neck but sorry that's a morbid road.

On a personal note, a lot of my throwback photos are a little dead-in-the-eyes and its honestly because I was going through a lot of things. That is one of the reasons I am really glad I have been keeping track of my outfits for so long. They're kind of a diary of what I've been through. My face is really expressive, so I can tell what I was really feeling through my photo. It's my non-narcissistic explanation to people for why I take so many photos of myself.

Even then I played around with the idea of photo reflection!


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